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learn how to extract a sliver of worth from Google Plus – in 7 ways
however I take a “hub and spoke” view of social networks (with your individual website being the hub), so when you’ve got content to share, there's no this is why Google Plus shouldn't be a spoke. for example, i’ve examined my jonerpnewsfeed curated content material on Google …
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fb login 2015 vs Google Plus
Between Q3 2014 July and September fb dominated all different social media networks when it came to social logins. With 58% being facebook's share and 24% Google Plus. So how will fb social logins for 2015 fair against Google Plus for the …
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Samantha Cristoforetti racconta la prima giornata nello spazio
Samantha Cristoforetti racconta la prima giornata nello spazio: "Wow, wow, wow!" L'astronauta italiana pubblica un lungo publish su Google Plus e un tweet su Twitter per descrivere le emozioni vissute andando in orbita. Il momento davvero indimenticabile?
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